Thursday, January 3, 2013

NFSMW (2012) Realistic Plugin Updated to 3.04

What's new in v3.04 on 1/3/2013?
  • Fixed problem with 'Enable Raw Input' checkbox (was always on before)

What's new in v3.03 on 1/2/2013?
  • Fixed problem with HUD toggle not working

(Thank you BabyBoyBloodZ, Angelo G,MichaƂ G. for the bug reports!)

Download NFSMW (2012) Realistic Plugin 3.04


  1. Great work, still have to find steering settings, that suit me, but its a difference like day and night already :)

    One thing would be great, if you could get manual shifting to work. If its even possible.

  2. Am I doing something wrong? Everytime I try to disable HUD, the game crashes. I've tried it on two different computers, one with a AMD GPU in it, and one with a NVIDIA GPU. Its kind of weird...

  3. Hey Racer_S,glad to see your still at it :D

    You have any plans on sorting out NFSMW2012 FFB/steering/gears etc like you did with NFSHP?

  4. doh
    read up on it now.
    still feels as if there's a deadzone still.

  5. you may need to update this again as the 'disable crash cam' does not work with the latest patch.
    It may have broken other things?

    is it possible to make the pedal work by analogue instead of digital or is that beyond your control?

  6. sorry guys, the 1.5 patch is currently unavailable to me, maybe sometime in the future I will update it, for now just use an older build of the game

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  8. Hi!
    I can give you NFSMW v1.5 with all DLCs. :)

  9. The game crashes every time I try to open it. When I press play on the tab that comes up, it says the NFSMW has stopped working. I have installed the mod correctly. I don't know what's up.

  10. Crashed on HUD toggle. I'd LOVE to have this working in the current version... sigh :(