Saturday, December 20, 2014

Custom GSdx Plugin Released

Before and After
I've released a plugin that fixes the vertical lines with Konami games (Enthusia, etc) on the PCSX2 Emulator.

I was disappointed to find that the problem still hasn't been fixed for the latest 1.2 release.  Tried this one which I made for 1.0 release and it still works.  So now I am releasing it to you.

How it works is using a different method to copy the offscreen surface to the backbuffer, bypassing some (broken) post-processing.   There is no noticable glitches.

Update 1/2/2015:  Full source is now included.  The actual fix is in GSRendererHW::Draw()  the function DrawPrims() is causing the black lines, this is what is bypassed when FBP is 0.

Download ToCAEDIT GSdx Plugin for Enthusia (Sites Mirror)

The plugin was also used in the making of the video below.