Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gran Turismo Gauges for RBR v1.2 Update

A bit of an oldie, but still worth updating.

Originally this was based on GT5 Prologue, but after GT5 was released the layout was changed so this one tries to reflect those changes.  Also I lost the Font I used for some of the text so I had to use the best I could find (water + kmh text).

1.2 5/8/2013
  • g meter now correctly converted from m/s
  • added water gauge
  • increased km/h update rate slighly
  • lowered turbo gauge position
  • fixed shiftlight blink
  • shiftlight back to 5500 rpm
 Download RBR GTGauges 1.2

Saturday, May 4, 2013

NFSMW2012 Realistic Plugin Updated to v4.0

Finally got around to updating this.  Sorry about the wait. (5 months!)

What's new in v4.01 on 5/4/2013?
  •  Added Inject Method as possible fix for those with crash issues.
What's new in v4.00 on 5/3/2013?
  •  Fixed support for v1.5 patch
  •  Added some crash catching routines
  • Support files (tir.dll,, etc..)  have been moved and are automatically extracted to 
    [MY DOCUMENTS]\Criterion Games\Need For Speed(TM) Most Wanted\Plugin\ 
    on first run.  

    If you want to use your old cam file you can copy it to this folder. 
    If you have old version, you can safely remove these old files from the game directory.
  •  Added cinematic camera (use change mode key while in Free-Look)

    There is three modes in Free-Look now.
    1. normal free look
    2. cinematic with manual FOV
    3. cinematic with auto FOV

TODO: better fix for windshield, mouse-controlled panning, waypoints for cinematic camera

Download NFSMW2012 Realistic Plugin v4.01


Friday, May 3, 2013

Sleeping Dogs: Gymkhana

Saw this on YouTube today and had to share it.  Very cool to see all the creative ways my tools are used for making videos.  Especially given the limited time I was able to put into this mod.  It's like GoPro for video games!  Amazing.

I've been following Barth3z for a while. I'm sure he put a lot of time into this so check out more of his videos below (most of them using camera control mod) and like+sub.