Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gran Turismo Gauges for RBR v1.2 Update

A bit of an oldie, but still worth updating.

Originally this was based on GT5 Prologue, but after GT5 was released the layout was changed so this one tries to reflect those changes.  Also I lost the Font I used for some of the text so I had to use the best I could find (water + kmh text).

1.2 5/8/2013
  • g meter now correctly converted from m/s
  • added water gauge
  • increased km/h update rate slighly
  • lowered turbo gauge position
  • fixed shiftlight blink
  • shiftlight back to 5500 rpm
 Download RBR GTGauges 1.2


  1. It does not respond to game, nothing changes when driving (still image) , 1.1 version shows everything correctly speed and etc

  2. Hey... can you possibly re-upload the NFS:HP 2010 Wheel/Manual mod?

  3. Hey bro you got a Youtube I wanna talk to you about one of your previoud mods

  4. Any chance you could work your free camera magic into something like Hitman Absolution? Tomb Raider? I'd gladly donate to your efforts if those could become a reality.

  5. Since you like to do racing games so much, GRID 2 could use some free camera love :) Especially in replay mode. Any way to disable those black bars would also be a big help, but that's not too big of a deal.

    Again, mad donations would be sent in your direction :)

  6. Hey man how purchased domayn (.com) this is blog transfer in (com) how do this blog.? Sorry for my english.:D

  7. Hello, first thanks for this tools and for sharing them. Is it possible to encode this and make it work with another .dll file (not d3d9.dll)? I'm asking cause i'm using a ReShade that utilizes as well d3d9.dll and i can't manage to make them work together. Thank you very much and have a nice day.