Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WRC 3 - ADVANCED Plugin Updated

What's New
  • Optimized FPS.. (before was rendering 2.7x more pixels than normal with triplescreen resolutions)
  • Fixed HUD for triplescreen (centered, scaled).
  • Fixed TrackIR



    1. Hello!!

      Thanks for the plugin but I'm having a problem on the resolution setting..

      Even though I have entered the correct resolution in the advanced plugin dialogue box, the screen resolution in game is forcefullly squeezed and streched.. I have tried to check/uncheck strech to fit box, but still no joy...

      How can the problem be solved?

      Many Thanks!

    2. Hi, I used your plugin to remove my "black bands" (I have 16:20 display : 1920x1200). But it doesn't work "stretch to fit" checked or not.
      There is nothing to do to support this ratio ?
      What tool do you use to hack resolution and multi-screen ? Direct3D hooking ?

      Is there another way to contact you?