Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Camera Control Updated to 1.0

Cleaned up this release.

What's new in v1.0 on 9/9/12?
  • works in-car with patch 1.5
  • fixed crash bug when shooting gun in car
  • disable now restores original code
  • added Original Modified mode
  • camera now follows player
  • new cameras now only enable in-car, but can but used on foot if set in config
  • fixed clipping and player model visibility, intensity can be set in config
  • look sensitivity can be adjusted in config
  • free-look now works in car, but may be rotated at the wrong angle at first
  • fixed and tested TrackIR
  • updated default presets
Sleeping Dogs Camera Control 1.0

Leave any feedback on the Official Sleeping Dogs Forum


  1. this isn't working for the latest version of the game :(

  2. Any chance you'll update this to work in the latest version?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes, that's a nice post for me because. I am using Sleeping Dogs Camera Control and I was searching to get the update version when it get update. At last Now I have got. Security Camera Review

  5. It freezes in the logos. Cant even exit the game.
    Please fix it. Need an updated 2016 version.

  6. Can't get it to work with any version of the game. For the love of god explain!

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