Friday, September 14, 2012

KINECT2TIR 1.0 Released

This application utilizes Kinect depth camera data to emulate TrackIR hardware in several games. It allows for head tracking in low light conditions without any extra head gear. Results may vary.

This program should work with Kinect for XBOX360 (tested) and Kinect for Windows (untested)

I'm looking for a mirror, once one is found this link will be updated.


A mirror has been added below. Also for some games (DIRT3, F12011, etc..) you will need a neat little program called TrackIRFixer

KINECT2TIR 1.0 (3 MB) Mirror


  1. nice work !!
    I have a problem in file KINECT2TIR 1.0,When I run "OpenNI Kinect Auto Installer.exe" in first file they not download and skip.I tried to install openNI/NITE manually It said Failed creating DEPTH generator so it still doesn't work.please help me I'm new here.I'm trying for 2 day but don't solve a problem.
    (I want to track IR in ARMA III alpha or ARMA II)

    my spec

    Amd phenom x6 1055t
    Window 8 64bit pro

  2. Thanks for your work. too bad it did not work for me too. Same issue here: failed creating depth generator; same specs. I'm now using facetracknoir since I couldn't get your soft to work. Thanks though.

  3. If you're having that issue (failed to create depth generator), go to Windows' Device Manager, find the Kinect in the list, right click on it, select "Update Driver Software", "Browse my computer for software", "Let me pick from a list of devices" and select "Kinect Camera". This will install OpenNI's Kinect driver and it should work.

  4. I'm having trouble with this kinect2tir. when I run the installer pops up a message saying that the program can not be started because it is missing OpenNI.dll on the computer. what should i do to solve this problem? I already have the OpneNI SDK installed.

  5. Same problem than Augusto. I installed various versions of OpenNI with no luck, it always says openNI.dll is missing.

  6. Same as Raiden and Augusto , using OpenNI2

  7. See for the newest version

    (For some reason this post has all the Google juice.)