Monday, July 1, 2019

NOTICE: File Host Moved

All the files had to be moved to MEGA for the moment. Direct links on old posts will no longer work until they are updated. You will have to navigate to the game folder manually.


  1. Nice to hear it's backed up, when I saw NFSMW2 CamControl link down I almost had a heart attack. :))
    Hey, do you know if it's possible to make a camera tool for 'Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends'? I tried both Shift1 & Shift2 ones (since TD:FRL was built on the same engine), but none of them worked.

    1. Haha. Yeah, thanks! It was using the same engine as SHIFT2. The camera positions were saved in some XML files I believe. That would be the easiest way to modify the cameras without a hack.

  2. Hi. You can also upload to PCGW through here:

    We're friends with WSGF, we support versioning, screenshots, comments and more.