Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some Sources Online

It's been a few years since I've made any new projects, so I've decided to upload some sources to my most popular projects.

I want to upload all, but its a big task, so I've uploaded what I thought were most important.

You can also find them in their respective game folder.

These are as-is and no longer being updated and considered beerware.

If you've made something cool or need a source to a specific project, let me know or leave a comment!


  1. Hi Racer, I was hoping to see source for your Universal resolution patcher. Do you think this would be possible?

    1. Sure thing, I've updated the original post with the link

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  2. I'm trying to learn how to change the resolution of a DX9 application that has resolutions pre-built into the .exe (an older game).

    Your pre-built changes the resolution of the window but I am not sure it alters the actual client's rendering resolution, but I figured I would have been able to read what you had and see if I can't figure it out. DX9 is all new to me but it seems I may have to read into it some more.

    When I compiled it, it ends up crashing my client.

    Though it compiled fine in visual studio 2017 for those who are interested :D

    1. If you look in myIDirect3D9.cpp you will see I modify the PresentationParameters in CreateDevice(), this is usually all that is needed. In some cases the viewport does not fit the new resolution, so I also modify the viewport in myIDirect3DDevice9.cpp

    2. Hi Racer, after a little bit of work I did manage to prevent it from crashing the client. I have been looking at the parameters you suggested, and I have been able to get promising results, but alas still experiencing some issues. Most likely due to the way the game handles itself. I've been able to get the window to resize now successfully. It appears to be resizing the window, but not affecting the interface. However the game also appears to be stretched instead of re-rendering in the new resolution. I'm still looking into how DX9 works, but this has been super helpful, so thank you.

  3. hi racer,
    lost your fix for battlefield 2 : bf2fov2.exe
    know is for v 1.0 to 1.3 but if you authorise me can try to update to 1.5 ?
    do you can repost this (updated or not ) ?

    1. Hi! Somehow I completely forgot about this one!

      I've added the source and binaries to the Battlefield2 folder.


      If you want it on the site, send me a link or email and Ill put it up!