Tuesday, January 3, 2017

black f./jharro 10 year tribute

Collection of Richard Burns Rally stuff black f./jharro shared with me during 2006-2007.
Includes development of
night mod
rx loader
shader graphics hacks
engine tuners
multiplayer tests
need for speed/coln mcrae rally tracks ripped to RBR
various other things that were never released
As not only a friend, but also as a fan of your work, thanks and I hope you don't mind I share these impossible to recreate images!
Some of it is still over my head.
BTW, I found these on an old CD, they were almost lost forever!

Imagine what could have been...


  1. Hi Racer, can i talk with you? trough skype or facebook? or mail? Thanks!

  2. My email is josedesigner@gmail.com, thanks again!

  3. oh wow, 10 years... talk about flashbacks :)
    i was just trying to describe to someone the things we were doing back then and i did an youtube search... i wasn't expected to find a recent upload for sure and then this pops up ... thanks man.

    1. Jharro, its a pleasure talk to you, is there a way to talk with you trough mail? my email is josedesigner@gmail.com, thanks Jharro!

    2. wholly molly i didnt even realize you replied until a year later!

      hope all is well buddy!

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