Monday, June 9, 2014

Minor Site Updates

Due to Google drive being slow or non-working, I've added an alternate download page with direct links.

Also, I have limited the main page to 5 posts per page to speed up loading.


  1. Hello there. I tried your version of x360ce and it didn't work for me. Now when I try to open a different version it keeps using yours and won't allow me to change it. Can you explain how I can get rid of your version?

  2. To Racer_S
    I'd like to request a camera hack tool for NFS Rivals, or a mod where you can change the view to the driver view. I think the concept should be the same as MW12. Well, I'm not an expert, you are. So tell me what you think if this is possible to create.

  3. Hi Racer_S,

    I'm working on a project to use a modern (CAN-BUS) Dashboard for PC racing games. The problem is the compatibility to games which don't have a built-in API to read values like speed, RPM etc. As I see it with NFSU2 you were able to write custom values for speed (Instant speed) with your NFSU2 trainer mod. So I think it shouldn't be impossible to write a mod which extracts the actual speed and other information from the game. NFSU2 is my most favourite pc game and I wish my dashboard would work with it. At the moment it is working with Euro Truck Simulator 2 and I'm working on compatibility to API based games like Race-R/'07, Grid 1+2, Live for Speed (which use all nearly the same API)
    It would be great if I could get a little bit of help for NFSU2 from you.
    More information about my project:

    You can write me back at my project page in the comments section.

    Thank you! Your tools make playing PC games worth it!