Monday, December 30, 2013

PCSX2 Triplewide Fixes

Added triplewide support to 3 games on PCSX2.  The pnach files are designed for 5040x1050 but it should work ok for most triplewide resolutions.  If you are really picky you could edit it yourself or I can upload more versions.

These require the latest version of PCSX2 (SVN 1.1).  Put the pnach files in /cheats_ws/ folder, check the "Enable Widescreen Fixes" feature in the system menu, then enable "Fit To Screen"  in GSdx window options.  Enjoy!

Gran Turismo 4 (US)
.pnach file: Download

Enthusia Professional Racing (US)
.pnach file: Download

WRC Rally Evolved (older version)
.pnach file: Download


  1. Hello !

    (I already leave you a message on your youtube channel)

    Ty for your AMAZING job with the usb plugin to have FFB, it works perfectly and its rly awesome. i ve been waiting for years and years for this (as you can see on my channel, i found a trick before your plugin to use my wheel but without ffb :p )

    But i cant use your triplescreen hack, hack is in the right folder (cheats_ws), widescreen fix is check in the menu and fit to window is selected but ingame, the ratio is just 16/9 strech on the 3 monitor instead of one.

    Any idea of what's wrong ? i use last pcsx2 last official release

  2. This is awesome, thanks for the work. But as he says, the fix does not work on my system. The image looks stretched at 16/9 (6048x1080 eyefinity)