Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MultiView Research

I have been poking around with multiple viewports with many games that currently do not support it.

Why you ask?

Because there is some benefits when using multiple monitors or for allowing cool features such as rear-view mirrors or cinematic viewpoints while you focus on the driving, killing, or whatever it is you want to be doing.

The first game I've attempted this with was WRC3, you can see the video of that attempt below.

That didn't work as well as I would have liked. Then I tried my luck with The Elder Scrolls SKYRIM and struck gold.  Not only was I able to create one viewport, but seven plus!

Check out the results below.

Whats this all Mean?

Well, it would change the way we play many games on triplescreen.  This would practically eliminate the fisheye effect like iRacing, rFactor, and LFS already do.  Also, it would include more visual data that was missing before.

It isn't limited to only that!

Imagine if processing power wasn't a factor, you could theoretically create a sphere of views to encompass you as you play.  Take for instance the two screenshots below.

325 degrees

~390 degrees

This is like playing a live panorama. Imagine using this with some of the TV's below.

At the moment this is only a proof of concept, there are some bugs to be worked out.  Also, this would need to be written as game-specific so it's no free lunch.

Sometime in the near future I'd like to have a system in place (for certain games) that would demonstrate and allow for as many customizable viewports as one could like.


  1. This has potential to be really, really slick in the case of someone with a large multi monitor setup, or like you said, full 360 panorama.

    This work can pave the way to a really interesting gaming future.

  2. Beautiful. Please publish more, anything really.

  3. I really wish more games supported this feature. iRacing has multiple view ports built in and is beautiful.

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