Friday, December 14, 2012

NFSMW (2012) Realistic Plugin Released!

This neat little plugin package includes everything needed for a realistic experience. I’ve fixed all the bugs from the previous version of camera control and now you should be able to play through the game properly. As a bonus It also includes options to properly use your force-feedback wheel (or gamepad if you prefer). Originally the game had some weak inverted effects and really slow turning rates. This is all done by modifying the existing game code rather than create totally new code like I usually would.

A lot of research went into this! Happy Holidays and enjoy!

What's new in v3.02 on 12/15/2012?
  • Fixed and tested TrackIR

What's new in v3.01 on 12/13/2012?
  • Fixed a spring multiplier bug

What's new in v3.0 on 12/13/2012?
  • Changed name from Camera Control to Realistic Plugin
  • Added Dialog window on launch
  • Added advanced force-feedback options (spring multiplier)
  • Added advanced steering options (raw input, linearity)
  • Added ability to disable crash cams
  • Added ability to auto enable camera control
  • Added ability to toggle glass texture (effects occlusion is still occurring)
  • Last preset used is now remembered
  • Fixed more bugs with cutscenes, etc.

Download NFSMW (2012) Realistic Plugin 3.04


  1. where excalty do i put the files in?
    I'm using win8 and put them in this folder

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted\

    when i press * -> 3rd view- number pad 1 in the game as the instruction, nothing happens.


    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. hi you need exactly put files in Computer\My Documents\Criteron Games\Plugin put exactly there

      -Milan Stevanovic

  2. I Need Help For Its Dont Sets Me A First Person View Its Sets Me View Up Drivers Head When I Control The Camera Its Speeds Up Game

    -Milan Stevanovic

  3. I would certainly donate for this Plugin if I could get it to work on my Windows 10 computer with Need For Speed Most Wanted using Origin to start the games.
    I installed it like the instructions above recommend but it doesn't load when I press * on the Numpad. Does the Realistic Plugin interface like the picture above suppose to popup when the * is pressed? If not, how do we get that interface to load? It seems like a really nice addon to NFSMW but only if it works.

  4. i cant get it to work I'm on windows 10 please help

  5. guys, if yall running win10 just use the remote injection.

  6. what are the best handling settings

  7. Hi does this work for xbox 360

  8. How to off the weird screen effect on windshield? BTW it's very cool.

  9. why there has no appears toca edit in my screen when i open nfs but i already extract file in documents/criteon games pls help!!

  10. Can I get this mod on Xbox 360?

  11. im having a trouble that when i launch the game it should show the TOCA EDIT screen but it doesnt show up
    Replying will be much Appreciated

  12. there are 3 files which one to paste and where