Thursday, November 8, 2012

A decade of fun!

Some of you may not remember the early days of ToCAEDIT, maybe not even born yet!

It all started as a passion for experimenting with a simple program for the video game ToCA Touring Cars, 'ToCARipper'. It was a modest tool that didn’t actually do any modding. It only allowed you to view textures and sounds, yet, it was the beginning of something much bigger.

Soon it turned into dozens of projects, then before I knew it (8 years later) there were a hundred projects up for download. One of the most downloaded and notable being XBOX 360 Controller Emulator, which is still a necessity for many people today.

I have high hopes for ToCAEDIT in the coming years and will strive to stay in the scene providing quality mods as long as possible. Many have come only to have disappeared after one or two projects, but me, I will be here as long as games can be modded.

I'd like to thank all my users and friends out there that have been with me the whole way. This has been for the most part a one-man operation, but without you, it would all be for nothing.

Thanks and Happy 10 Years! Bring on another 10!


  1. Where is the link to download the emulator software?

  2. A true gentlemen and hard worker, it's been a great 10 years my friend and good to see you around still Today. We had some fun back then hehe ;) for me I had lots of changes in my life and only half a little eye on the gaming and modding scene ;) but... forever it shall live.

    Well done my friend and all the best (apologies on the delay of greeting) :)

    Kindest Regards
    Cecil Bergwin